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Our Culture

Since 2009, we have worked with a multitude of customers.  95% of these customers have become repeat customers.  The values and culture of DTG, outlined in the four simple points below, are representative of the relationship that we will have with our existing and potential customers.

  • We will be fair, ethical, and responsive.

  • We will be technically competent in your area of need or we will inform you that we are not a good fit for your business requirement.

  • We will spend time to learn about your business.  We believe that the more we understand your business, the better prepared we will be to meet your technical needs.

  • We will remember to enjoy the journey while we execute on the points above with your organization.  We all work in the dynamic, evolving, fast-paced IT industry.  It can be frustrating, challenging and rewarding all in the same hour/day.  We will try not to forget that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed while we engage on a project with your organization.    

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